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she puked all over my aux raus shirt.

then while changing a massive dirty diaper, she peed all over my captain everything shirt.

now i'm on the my third t-shirt of the day, rocking my old college radio home wesn. let's see how it fairs.

update: the wesn shirt did not last long either, felled by more baby spit-up. t-shirt number four for the day is from russian book/movie/music store respublika
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bright idea: data transfer from three-year-old macbook to brand new macbook pro.

firewire won't work since the port changed.

so: wifi!

started the ~160 gig transfer saturday morning around 1030am. finished sometime wednesday evening, before I came home at 11pm.

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Coming soon

Since I don't really rock the LJ anymore, am still skeptical of Facebook, and really don't use social networks very much, I suppose there are some people who may not know the news contained below.

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expected sometime around September 12-14.
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So in the last few days I have gotten please from the ACLU, MoveOn, and now Senator Charles Schumer (via MoveOn), telling me I should protest Facebook or something.

I guess they changed their privacy settings without telling anyone or something?

And it is a big deal?

Not a Facebook user, so I don't really know from personal experience, but is this Actually A Big Deal, or just an example of the liberal-bias newsletters/sites I read trying to make me think it is?

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Looks like AVClub has hit upon another clever series - THEN that's what they called music! ... a new series re-examining pop music via the Now series. First article is here. Should be good stuff.
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